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Queen victoria's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Queen victoria

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jiggabooboopppeeepeeshit facer [20 Nov 2007|04:47am]
yeah ha. so wootwoot on me trying to go to N/a haha...i havent gone yet at all. whack. chilling lately. I dont do shit since i dont go to fucking school anymore. man my fucking lj is whack. show me some lovin.

oh p.s crackkills....
ha no joke kitties
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I am a lost soul chained by the devil forever wondering in this fucking place [07 Oct 2007|08:18pm]
[ mood | numb ]

i just realized almost every entry i have on here is about me complaining. i mean i guess to you people its "complaining" but to me its saying what i feel and letting it all out because i dont. i had enough. theres way to much agony in my fucking heart right now and im in so much fucking pain i really cant bare it anymore. i feel like everyons gone crazy. my friends...ha i would expect better from you guys. i really do but honetly all i can fucking see in you guys is just another sad reflection of myself.

oh and the drugs. NO you motherfuckers..........dont be fucking telling me i dont care about anyone, im this, im that............bc your no fucking better yourself. dont bring me down because you want to feel different, while your taking a BLAST out of the fucking stem.

Why'd you have to go, why'd you have to leave I miss you so much and when I finally break free. I hope yyou'll be waiting for me.....I love you.

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crack [08 Sep 2007|09:29pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

i hate everyone.
they hate me.
i find it kinda funny
because when im nice.
their an asshole.
im an asshole?
their an asshole still
but just critizing me.
what about you, you fucking dirtbag.

fuck you long island.
fake ass clit suckers.

i just want my drugs and everyone to leave me the FUCK ALONE and to keep my motherfucking name out of their dirty shit mouth.

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boring [03 Jun 2007|09:08pm]
1. Smoking shrooms is weird.
2. Im an asshole.
3. Im sorry
4. I need to do homework.
5. Wow, I hate school.
6. Alot of my friends are really disgusting whores, like really, stop it already, all of you. Fucking nasty.
7. My life is boring
8. Im going to stop now because i sound like a whinny litte bitch.

peaceout nasty cunts
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me, myself, and i [20 Jan 2007|05:51pm]
i get it now. i know excatly who to murder before i die. myself.

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xtc [28 Dec 2006|11:16am]
e feels like what heavens suppose too. i love it :)

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GOD!! [24 Nov 2006|10:08am]
watched borat. it wasnt as great as everyone said it would be and i laughed at all the parts no one laughed at ha. they must've been "CHRISTIANS". well fuck god man. no offense to you church goin people. theres no such thing as "God", heaven, and hell. who the fuck can walk on water and make blind people see????? mhm point proven. peaceout.
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who caresss [07 Nov 2006|07:33am]
[ mood | lazy ]

so i have no school today since its election day. how great. krystals mom called the cops on dave since he's 19 and fucking her 16 year old daughter. but in my opinion age is really nothing but a number humans created to logically calculate time. our minds are so fucking weird. it probably can take us to another dimension.

i want to do xtc. but idk, i find it a waste of time and money. since there really isnt a point to doing drugs but the fun of it. i guess im still really young and i have alot to know about this fucking world. im going to really try and stop doing coke though. it turns me into a devil basically. but its so hard since im always surrounded by it. maybe i should stay home more often and talk to less people when i go out bc they would ask me all these questions? oh you need me to get you pcp, and krystal meth. oh and my friends crackedup uncle goes up to me and ask lets get freebase and cook crack. hes crazy. i would end up as a fucking crackhead if i ever took a hit of crack. so i know best to keep away.

WTF. theres never any good ciggrettes around the house unless its my own pack. how can both my dad and brother end up smoking parliement lights.

so i failed for the first quarter of the year. its not my fault i cut too much. i mean if they made school alittle more interesting and i had ciggrette breaks, i would stay. but they expect me to stay in a building with a bunch of people i hate for 7 hours straight. thats not happening.

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possible? [29 Aug 2006|08:15am]
[ mood | okay ]

hm so i was somewhere upstate for a few days by schroon lake and I swear to god, i fell inlove with a total stranger. It really might not seem possible but yeah. I cant explain it, he just took my breath away. but i did have a great time with him as it lasted.

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HAHAH [22 Jul 2006|10:43pm]
[ mood | good ]

so last night i was at lauras house and we're sitting at her kitchen table. all of a sudden lauras panicing, so im obv like wtf is the matter with you? she takes all her stuff and tells me to come upstairs with her. then shes like omg vickii, the dt's just called me, im going to get arrested. so im like WTF!! TELL ME WTF IS GOING ON. laura starts telling me how they told her they tracked her from involment in yay-yo. the restricted number calls back and shes crying on the phone just saying sir, sir, i have blah blah blah questions. the whole time im fucking laughing my ass off. i swear it was the funniest thing ever. but its all a fucking joke. i took the phone and started talking too the so called "dt" and then they call me back on my cell phone asking if i knew someone by the name halcott? so im like uhhhhhh uh hah he has blonde hair haha. pretty fucking ridicous. so my guess is its either fucking hector and david, or ken. but w.e i had a blast from that phone call ha :]<33

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bike story [28 Jun 2006|10:19am]
[ mood | content ]

so yesterday i chilled at megs all day. doing the same old shit as always. but later that night, we went to the green to chill. so im walking and i see a bike by the chinese take out place. im thinking in my head i really fucking need a bike, so i go over there and take it. but it had some sort of hole on the tire so it was hard to drag. then the fucking worker comes out and im like oh shit, drops the bike, and run. it kinda sucked b.c that was a really fucking good bike.

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hmmmmm [18 Jun 2006|10:01pm]
i cant remember too much anymore and the thing i do. but im just really glad summer is finally here. been going to meghans every morning to make drinks, its been great. sucks for des though.but seriously what kind of person says that oh i need to drink alot of water so i can get shit outta my system, yet your smoking everyday. whats the use, your not doing shit DUMBASS!!!!! oh i went job hunting today too. it fucking sucked. people in hicksville arent too friendly, especally that indian. ugh w.e maybe i'll have better luck tomorrow.
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to my father [07 Jun 2006|06:25pm]
[ mood | sad ]

i am sorry

love, victoria

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asdf [06 Jun 2006|07:04pm]
i hate life but love it at the same time...ugh
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yay-yo [25 May 2006|12:45am]
i love that shit, but i hate when i do it by myself. well not really but i hate being yayed up and just talking like crazy while everyone else is fiening. it really sucks. im really bored. but theres nothing to do. ugh w.e peace
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bubblerrs [24 May 2006|06:50am]
i have a cracked bubbler. sucks, i should buy a new one shouldnt i?
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cps [14 May 2006|09:31pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

cps are such little cunt bitches. i love how they threaten me just to force me into going to school. but whats the point, im failing anyways, theres no poing of going for the rest of this year b.c even if i get 100's on everything i still cant move on. but i guess i'll start going everyday starting tomorrow for my dad and aunt ha, b.c im pretty sure they love me and dont want me getting sent away. i really have to get away from this town for a while. all this town brought me was tears and pain. i hate this place. FUCK YOU hicksville and most of the people i met in this town. but for the rest of you pretty punk bitches. ily<333(ukwur)peace.

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mr and mrs rose. [06 May 2006|11:17am]
[ mood | tired ]

i have never known such sick people in my life.

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fuck... [01 May 2006|08:55pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

there is a limit to everything and this time, i've just fucking had it with every fucking thing in this fucking world.

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haha [29 Apr 2006|08:24am]
[ mood | irritated ]

stupid fucks. we're all stuck in the game so bad,all of us. we're all going down hill and the funny thing is, its all b.c of the same thing, yay ha. we all turned out to be such crackheads. how sad. but anyways, im really going to miss kyle. sucks hes being sent away. hopefully i'll see him during the summer.

love, vickii

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