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so last night i was at lauras house and we're sitting at her kitchen table. all of a sudden lauras panicing, so im obv like wtf is the matter with you? she takes all her stuff and tells me to come upstairs with her. then shes like omg vickii, the dt's just called me, im going to get arrested. so im like WTF!! TELL ME WTF IS GOING ON. laura starts telling me how they told her they tracked her from involment in yay-yo. the restricted number calls back and shes crying on the phone just saying sir, sir, i have blah blah blah questions. the whole time im fucking laughing my ass off. i swear it was the funniest thing ever. but its all a fucking joke. i took the phone and started talking too the so called "dt" and then they call me back on my cell phone asking if i knew someone by the name halcott? so im like uhhhhhh uh hah he has blonde hair haha. pretty fucking ridicous. so my guess is its either fucking hector and david, or ken. but w.e i had a blast from that phone call ha :]<33
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