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who caresss

so i have no school today since its election day. how great. krystals mom called the cops on dave since he's 19 and fucking her 16 year old daughter. but in my opinion age is really nothing but a number humans created to logically calculate time. our minds are so fucking weird. it probably can take us to another dimension.

i want to do xtc. but idk, i find it a waste of time and money. since there really isnt a point to doing drugs but the fun of it. i guess im still really young and i have alot to know about this fucking world. im going to really try and stop doing coke though. it turns me into a devil basically. but its so hard since im always surrounded by it. maybe i should stay home more often and talk to less people when i go out bc they would ask me all these questions? oh you need me to get you pcp, and krystal meth. oh and my friends crackedup uncle goes up to me and ask lets get freebase and cook crack. hes crazy. i would end up as a fucking crackhead if i ever took a hit of crack. so i know best to keep away.

WTF. theres never any good ciggrettes around the house unless its my own pack. how can both my dad and brother end up smoking parliement lights.

so i failed for the first quarter of the year. its not my fault i cut too much. i mean if they made school alittle more interesting and i had ciggrette breaks, i would stay. but they expect me to stay in a building with a bunch of people i hate for 7 hours straight. thats not happening.
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